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Filtru, bautura socotita cu puteri magice

Randurile de mai jos ii apartin lui Amy, o tanara domnisoara din State. Le astern si printre mazgalelile mele, deoarece am zarit sinceritatea, tineretea, gandurile nefiltrate, entuziasmul. Vreau si eu putina emotie politica!

 On July 24 we went to see Obama speak near the Brandenburg gate.
I thought I´d go be a good American and inform myself about Obama´s policies,
seeing that I knew so very little about him even though I figured he was
probably the best candidate.
After waiting 4 excruciating hours in the hot sun, his very general speech (of
which he read every word) about German/American relations and history (barely
touching on his ideals as candidate for president) fell on tired ears. I was
disappointed that he didn´t take a stronger stand on important issues like war
and environment. But we were right up close and it was nice to be a part of the


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